Air Freight Agents: The Pros and Cons

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Truckshipping is the most prevalent domestic freight solution. For shippers, this means that competition between carriers can result in low shipping rates that help to mitigate shipping cost, especially when shippers hire a freight brokerage agent. Agents that specialize in brokering freight shipments via truck, truck brokerage agents can supply the timeliest, most cost effective shipping options on a continuous basis.

Unlike carrier companies whose shipping options 미국배송대행 are based on what their fleets can accommodate, freight agencies search for the best options nationwide, supplying shippers with the best options on a shipment-by-shipment basis.

Asset-Based 3PL Providers
Brokerage agents, which function as third party logistics (3PL) providers, can also operate their own fleets-an arrangement that identifies them as “asset-based” 3PL providers. But, regardless of the fleet services they provide, their goal remains the same: to supply the best shipping options in terms of cost, delivery time, and cargo care. In providing these options, most truck brokerage agents supply the following service options, among others:

Partial Load Transport
Partial load (PL) transport is designed for shipments that fill less than a full semi trailer. A cost effective alternative to truckload (TL) transport and parcel shipping, PL loads are often aimed at same day delivery, making them a timely alternative to less than load (LTL) transport. If you ship locally or regionally, PL transport could reduce shipping cost and improve delivery time.

Less than Truckload Transport
Like PL loads, LTL loads are designed shipments that fill less than a full semi trailer. However, they are seldom aimed at same day delivery, allowing shippers the opportunity to ship coast to coast without paying prohibitive parcel rates or paying for shipping space that they don’t need.
The downside of LTL transport is prolonged delivery time due to frequent stops along the shipping route. For smaller shipments that don’t require next day or second day delivery, LTL transport is an excellent option.

Truckload Transport
TL loads are designed for shipments from a single shipper that fill a full semi trailer. Often traveling direct to the destination, TL transport is the timeliest long distance truck option, and may feature value added services such as cross docking to improve delivery time when freight transfer is necessary.

Value Added Services
Value added services accommodate special shipping needs. In truck shipping, example of value added services are: flatbed loads, logistics loads, tradeshow transport, high security transport, and refrigerated loads. Some agents facilitate these services and more, while others target specific services. If your shipments have special needs, identifying these needs before you hire a broker is critical to receiving the right services.