International Car Shipping – Make Sure That You Follow These Precautions

With a population estimated to be 81.8 million and stable economy, Germany has become an increasingly appealing destination for people interested in moving to a new country for employment opportunities. Some of the career skills most sought in people moving to Germany include mechanical and electrical engineeringinformation technology, and healthcare.

If you are moving to Germany, there are a few things you should know about overseas moving before you begin packing. While you can certainly buy a lot of things that you might need once you are in Germany, it might also be helpful to ship some of your personal items to Germany to make your relocation more comfortable.

One of the first things you should do before 중국배대지 shipping cargo to Germany is to spend some time getting your paperwork organized. Some of the information you’ll want to have before shipping cargo to Germany includes:

Copy of your passport


A letter from a third party (for example, an employer, the German Embassy) confirming that you have lived and worked for more than a year in another country

Renting contract of a domicile where you plan to live once in Germany

Contract of employment in Germany

German customs registration paperwork

Overseas Moving and Duty Free Shipping to Germany

When you are shipping cargo to Germany, sometimes your items qualify for duty free shipping to Germany. It is important to note, for example, if you are moving to Germany, removal goods are only granted duty free entry to Germany if they are imported within one year of your establishing German residence. Removal goods are considered items that you already used at your previous residence.

Other qualifications for duty free shipping to Germany that you should be aware of include:

You need to have lived in a foreign country for over a year or be a citizen of a foreign country.

Your household goods and/or vehicles need to be owned and used for a minimum of 6 months before their date of cargo shipping to Germany.